6th International Conference CBRNE Research & Innovation

VANOS S.A. is delighted to announce its presence at the renowned 6th International Conference CBRNE Research & Innovation in Strasbourg, France on 21st of March 2024.

The event served as a pivotal gathering for researchers and industry experts to exchange vital insights and discoveries. The dynamic ambiance, comprising booths, exhibitions, demonstrations, panels and scientific papers, provided an enriching environment for knowledge sharing and collaboration.

Our Research and Development team (Mrs. Iliana E. Vasilopoulou and Mr. Manousos Logiakis), along with our partners (Mr. David Crouch & Mr. Spyridon Kintzios) immersed themselves in the latest advancements and discussions at the CERIS event, fostering valuable connections and gaining insightful perspectives to further propel our commitment to excellence in CBRNE research and defense.

This experience has fueled our drive to pioneer innovation and elevate global safety and security standards.

Stay tuned to learn more.