YMM-1500 Horizontal Massage cover

The Homedics YMM-1500 horizontal massage cover extends your back muscles and provides your back with relief from pain. Unlike classic massage pads, it has 7 inflatable zones, which, in combination with one of the four programs you choose, inflate the pad to perfectly rejuvenate your body. The yoga-inspired mat offers 3 levels of intensity. Just put on comfortable clothes, place the mat on the floor or mattress, choose a suitable program and enjoy a massage to your liking. The Homedics pad is collapsible so you can easily store it immediately after use.

Key Features of the Homedics YMM-1500

• Perfect stretches your whole body
• The pad relieves the pain where it is needed
• 7 inflatable zones
• 4 programs for massage and relief of individual parts
• 3 levels of intensity
• Quality design
• Power supply from the network
• Remote control included
• The pad is collapsible



Guarantee: 3 years

4 programs for perfect body stretching

The Homedics YMM-1500 pad will provide relief not only to your back but also your knees, legs and shoulders. Depending on the problem, you choose one of four programs, each program lasts for a long time (6 to 15 minutes). Use the mat regularly, initially 1 to 2 times a week, then as time progresses use it every day and watch the beneficial effects of massage on your body. While enjoying the mat, close your eyes, relax and concentrate on the right breathing. The reward is perfect relaxation and a healthy back without pain.


Twist Program: Shorter program (6-9min) to reduce tension in the shoulders, sides, and to release tension in the lower back.
Proud Progress: A progressive stream of strokes that gently mobilize the entire length of the spine and bring a feeling of refreshing vitality. Length: 9-15min.
Encouragement Program: A program that loads you with positive energy for a duration of 9-12min.
Stretching Program: Full body massage ideal after a full day session. Length: 10-15min.