Winbest Pro Edition Metal Detector

The Pro Edition Metal Detector from Barska is a user-friendly metal detector with multiple modes of operation and adjustable sensitivity. Search for different kinds of metals with auto ground balance and high sensitivity. Discriminate between different metals by adjusting the spectral response of the search coil with a dial located on the control box. The 6.5 inch search coil is weather sealed and is capable of detecting even in shallow water.


• All Metal / Discriminate Modes
• Submergible Search Coil
• Adjustable Sensitivity
• Low Battery Indicator
• Adjustable Arm Rest
• Adjustable Stem
• Headphone Jack
• Volume Control

The Barska Pro Edition Metal Detector is perfect for the treasure hunter in all of us. This Metal Detectior manufactured by Barska has a discrimination sensor with an All Metal option that allows you to choose the kind of metal you wish to detect. Just turn the DISC dial on the Barska Pro Edition Metal Detector to 11:00 for Iron, 12:00 for Nickel Coin, 13:00 for Zinc Coin and 15:00 for Copper Coin. This Barska Metal Detector comes with 6.5″ waterproof search coil so you can hunt in shallow waters. The Barska Pro Metal Detector also has a SENS knob that grants you the ability to increase or decrease the sensitivity depending on conditions. The Pro Edition Metal Detector by Barska lets you know that you have found something through the view meter that reacts when the search coil has detected something. The Barska Pro Edition Metal Detector has a volume knob and a jack for headphones, so you can eliminate any background noise that may impede your hearing.


Condition New
Brand Winbest
Model Number BE11638
UPC 790272982608
Search Modes 2
Audio Tone ID Levels 1
Search Coil Inch 6.5 in
Adjustment Length 15.5 in to 25 in
Product Weight (lbs) 2.5 lbs
Battery Life Requires 2 9V Batteries (Not Included)
Warranty 1 Year Limited Warranty