Winbest Pro 400 Edition Metal Detector

The Winbest Pro-400 Metal Detector makes discovering buried treasures both easy and fun! When a metal is detected, an intuitive 4-color LED indicator lights up and highlights the suspected metal type on the detectors faceplate. Set the Pro-400 to disregard undesired metals with the Eliminator adjustment knob, which allows you to focus on the metals you want to find.


• Visual 4-Color LED Indicator
• Distinctive Tones for Different Metals
• Submergible Search Coil
• Eliminator Knob to Ignore Undesired Metals
• Adjustable Sensitivity
• Adjustable Stem (35″ to 45″)
• Headphone Jack
• Volume Control

The Barska Pro-400 Edition Metal Detector is perfect for the treasure hunter in all of us. This Metal Detector features an easy-to-read LED light screen that gives you a visual indication of what type of metal has been found. The Pro-400 Barska Metal Detector comes with 7.5″ waterproof search coil so you can hunt in shallow waters. The Barska Pro-400 Edition Metal Detector has a volume knob and a jack for headphones, so you can eliminate any background noise that may impede your hearing.


Condition New
Brand Winbest
Model Number BE13230
UPC BE13230
Search Modes 2
Audio Tone ID Levels 4
Search Coil Inch 7.5″
Adjustment Length 35in to 45in
Product Weight (lbs) 1.85 lbs
Battery Life Requires Two 9V Battery (Not Included)
Warranty 1 Year Limited Warranty