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Impregnation and sealing of cast parts: goal-oriented, economical, durable.
Reliably seal micropores, porosities and hairline cracks: Significantly reduce scrap and rejects.
With efficient and simple use of materials.
DIAMANT dichtol is the mature, ready-to-use polymer impregnation system for goal-oriented use on cast parts, metals and rapid-prototyping components.
Thermally, physically and chemically highly resistant.
In the capillary-active impregnation with dichtol, a highly resistant polymer is applied to the porous surface.
Thanks to the excellent capillary activity of dichtol, the polymer penetrates deep into the casting – without pressure or vacuum – and hardens there.
The high-performance polymer anchors itself in the cast part and reliably seals it, even if temperatures vary.
DIAMANT dichtol is extremely resistant to physical, chemical and thermal stresses.
The technical properties of the casting are fully retained.
Flexibility through applicational versatility dichtol adapts itself versatilely and flexibly to the respective conditions of use: the polymer system can be applied equally well by simply brushing, spraying, injecting or dipping.
It reliably seals pores from zero to a visible 0.5 millimetres in diameter.
High pressure tightness is achieved, even with complex component structures.
Effective and efficient, economical and fast
Economy put in a nutshell: in the case of locally limited leaks, efficient use of material is ensured with the dichtol spot impregnation.
Unlike vacuum impregnation, the capillary-active impregnation with DIAMANT dichtol involves only very low investment costs.
Not only that, the usual long waiting and delivery times associated with outsourced impregnation are eliminated.

dichtol: convincing properties, decisive advantages
• wide range of application possibilities by
• spot series impregnation
• individual impregnation (of large components)
• low investment costs
• resistant to aggressive solvents, alkalis and acids
• resistant to corrosion and weathering
• high pressure resistance
• dimensionally stable
• application without pressure or vacuum
• efficient material consumption
• short drying time
• temporary protection against corrosion (transport protection)
• location-independent, usable everywhere
• simple application without special knowledge
• no waiting and delivery times as is often the case with externally executed vacuum impregnation
• drinking water approval

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