Truck Cleaner Extra

Powerful alkaline cleaner for contact-free cleaning.
(Code 858) – 20L

• Extremely powerful cleaner for contactless cleaning of trucks, containers, tanks and heavily polluted industrial base.
• Emulsifies easily with traffic film and heavy industrial soiling for a quick cleaning.
• The unique composition of the product guarantees a stable foam blanket that is very effective to loosen the contamination – even on vertical surfaces.
• Preferably not in bright sunlight.

Dosage and Use
Depending on the contamination and surface, dilute 2% – 4% (1:50 to 1:25).
Suitable for brush cleaning, high pressure cleaning and foam cleaning.
Preferably, give the product time to work in.
Then remove or spray with clean water.
Using hot water increases the cleaning power.
Suitable for professional use only.
Wear adequate personal protective equipment when using the product.