Solaris Duo Li-on 36A/hProduct code: NSSOLARIS216K-LI-ION-36A

The most powerful battery powered floodlight in the world.
The SOLARIS DUO offers a real alternative to generator powered lights, offering a very high light output up to 32,000 lumens.
It is lightweight and all parts are housed in an unbreakable plastic case. It has wheels and pull-up handle for easy transportation. The DUO has telescopic poles reaching to 1.9 metres and is stable due to the retractable stability legs.

• 25 year guarantee on the case
• Sturdy stackable case
• Wheels and integrated pull up handle
• Comfortable rubber coated anti-slip handle
• All parts are housed inside the IP67 rated case
• Vacuum moulded fitting for safe storage of parts
• High visibility locking latches for easy setup
• Battery status indicator
• Retractable high visibility stability feet
• Carbon fibre telescopic poles
• 14.8v 36A/h Li-on
• 10hrs
• 19.2kg
• (L)250 (D)450 (H)540 mm
• Designed to meet IP65
• Lumen vs Runtime

1 Head Output
16000 4h
8000 8h
4000 16h
4000 32h
2000 32h

2 Head Output
32000 2h
16000 4h
8000 8h
4000 16h
4000 16h

PowerPack and DUO Accessories
Solaris Power Packs are designed to increase the running times of your Solaris light. The power pack is housed in a robust case and has a battery power indicator to ensure you don’t get left in the dark.

Increased running times
• Maintenance free, lightweight li-ion battery pack
• Durable, sturdy, stackable case IP55
• Battery status indicator on the case

Solaris 6K head
Optional lens for distance
The SOLARIS head is available with a wide range of lenses from 10-30 degrees. Our research has resulted in using 30° optics as standard, due to the balance of flood and distance they achieve.
However, we are able to supply the units with a variety of optics to suit the varied application. Spot lens (10 degree) are recommended to illuminate areas and structures at long distances approximately 80-100m for maximum coverage.

• Diffused Filter
• Heavy Duty Case
• 2 Solaris 16k Head Units
• AC Mains Charger 16A
• Carbon Fibre Poles

• Powerpack
• Solaris Head 16K
• Carbon Fibre Pole 4 Section
• Magnetic Base For Solaris
• Solaris Double Headed Bracket For 3.5 Metre Tripod
• Li-Ion 16 AMP Mains Charger
• Vehicle Charger Li-Ion 12V Or 24V Input 16.8V
• Additional 36A/H Li-Ion Power Pack For Additional Running Time (+75%)
• Additional 72A/H Li-Ion Power Pack For Additional Running Time (+145%)
• Li-Ion 24 AMP Mains Charger