SFERA EPDM Threading according to EN 148/1 Code 43333005
SFERA Silicone Threading according to EN 148/1 Code 43333002
SFERA SP/A EPDM Threading according to EN 148/3 Code 43333004
SFERA SP/A Silicone Threading according to EN 148/3 Code 43333001
SFERA SP/A ESA EPDM Equipped with a plug-in system for use with SCBA Code 43332026
SFERA SP/A ESA Silicone Equipped with a plug-in system for use with SCBA Code 43332024

Newly designed, extra wide view full face mask complying to European norm EN 136.
One size fits all faces.
For use with dust, gas and combined filters with a threaded connector conforming to EN 148/1 and an overpressure version for use with compressed air supply devices.
All versions are also available in silicone rubber for maximum comfort and easier decontamination.
The pleasant and reliable design, an accurate distribution of weights and the position of the filter, make the SFERA comfortable to wear even after prolonged periods of use.
Materials used are not likely to cause allergies or irritations to the wearer’s skin.
Very good adaptability to most faces.
The shape of the rubber sealing lip has been designed to adapt itself to the user’s face and ensure sealing action even along the most critical parts without exercising excessive pressure anywhere.
Leakage less than 0,05% corresponding to a protective factor of over 2000.
Extra wide field.

• EPDM or silicone rubber facepiece with adjustable fasteners for the attachment of the harness.
• The full face visor, which is completely distorsion free, allows for very extensive vision and is treated with an antiscratch coating
• The visor frame, which is made of reinforced synthetic resin, ensures the sealing between the visor and the rubber facepiece.
• Inner mask made of either EPDM or silicone rubber equipped with non return valves.
• High efficiency, centrally positioned speech diaphragm.
• Multipurpose connector comprising: • Threaded connector complete with inhalation valve and sealing rubber gasket for the filter version according to EN 148/1 and according to EN 148/3 for the SP/A overpressure version.
• Exhalation valve equipped with compensating prechamber. It is conveniently positioned to ensure perfect discharge of the condensed air and is protected by a removable plastic cover
• Five strap elastic harness made of either EPDM or silicone rubber.
• Neck strap for suspending the mask when not being used.



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