Cylinders, as well as the pneumatic circuit necessary for the reduction of the high pressure, are mounted on a trolley equipped with rubber wheels
This equipment assures the highest protection level of the respiratory tracts, thanks to the positive pressure.
Besides, the swivel connector on the air supply prevents interruption during winding and unwinding of the hose on the reel.
It complies with the norm EN 14593-1.

• Weight of the equipment (including hose reel assembly, 50 m hose and two cylinders of 18 l in empty condition) is 100 Kgs.
• 1180 mm x 600 mm x 480 mm (H x L x W)
• 2 cylinders of 18 l each at 220 bar allows for long operating periods (approx. 3,5 hours with an operator using 30 l/min).
• If used with a 40 l x 200 bar cylinder in combination with a 18 l cylinder as above mentioned the duration is of approximate 5 hours.
• Trolley made of ergonomic metal structural shape
• Fitted with 2 cylinders of 18 l at 220 bar or 1 cylinder of 18 l at 200 bar and another one of 40 l at 200 bar to be used simultaneously or 2 steel cylinders of 6 lt. 300 bar or 2 composite cylinders of 6,8/9 lt. 300 bar.
• Sheltered pneumatic circuit, fitted with two pressure gauges ( for high and low pressure)



CE Certificate 1


CE Certificate 2