Responder RA (Right Angle)

Responder RA (Right Angle)
The Right Angle LED offers optimal brightness, safety, and weight. The alkaline model can be used as a rechargeable with the addition of a lithium ion battery pack, charging base and cord.
The low profile R/A LED also offers a smoke cutting beam with intrinsically safe certifications.

Bright Star utilizes the latest optic technology to maximize light output with 220 Lumens. The RA’s optic distributes light into a custom beam pattern that pierces smoke and dust with 60,000 CD. Additionally,
the optics enable the RA body to maintain a slim profile and keep the light focused in the proper direction at all times. This slim profile also keeps the light tight against the body preventing entanglement.

• Interchangeable Power Supply
• Easily switch from rechargeable to alkaline
• Wide-eye lens
• Oversized Pushbutton Switch
• Stainless steel clip
• 30-ft Drop

• Model 510304

• 510201-N: Lithium Ion replacement battery pack
• 510220: Charger base only
• 510202: Alkaline battery tray
• 510180: 12/24V DC Charger cord
• 510181: 120V AC Charger cord
• 510182: Euro/Int’l AC Charger cord

UL Protection Methods
UL913 CSA C22.2 NO 157
Intrinsically Safe
Class I, II, III, Div I Groups A-G
Class I, II, III, Div II Groups A-G
Operation Temp Code T3


Data Sheet