High pressure hose for filling with Quick Fill Code 42000668
AP D300 cylindrical valve with gauge and Quick Fill Code 42000667

The ‘Quick Fill’ is a high pressure quick connection for use in breathable air transfilling applications such as the quick cylinder filling.
Diablo SCBA can be equipped with the Quick Fill system.
The ‘Quick Fill’ consists of a quick balanced coupling, disposed on the cylinder valve, which allows the connection and disconnection to a balanced valve connected to the filling source by a high pressure hose.
The graft and valve are balanced to allow the connection and disconnection without any effort.
Both sides of the valve (‘male’ and ‘female’) have a non-return device, so once disconnected no air leakage is caused.
Once connected, the air transfer must be done with limitations to avoid a mechanical stress and overheating.
For this reason, the device has a calibrated hole inside the valve, to limit the flow rate to a maximum of 1500 l/min (when the pressure difference between the two connected environments is 300 bar).
Such a flow rate enables the complete filling of cylinder of 6,8 l to 225 bar in about one minute, which is considered an optimal compromise between speed and no risk.