ProRack™ 6U

Peli™ ProRack™ cases are lightweight, space-efficient, front and rear opening transport container (not a shock mounted/cushioned rackmount system) for field ruggedized equipment.

• Designed for equipment up to 75 lbs
• Equipment typically will have 80-120 G fragility
• Rugged 18 deep cases w aircraft aluminum frame suspended on plastic fins to protect your gear from direct impact transmission
• Often used for field-deployed amplifiers and electronic, medical or testing equipment components
• Catalog PR2012-011801

Exterior (L×W×D)
55.9 x 56.9 x 37.6 cm
Rack Depth
45.7 cm
Interior Lid Depth
4.6 cm
Interior Back Lid Depth
4.6 cm
10.8 kg