Portable Biometric Lock Box (CB12774)

The new Portable Biometric Lock Box by Barska is an innovative portable secure storage device that allows the user to quickly store and retrieve important valuables. The Portable Biometric Lock Box features a quick-access biometric fingerprint scanning sensor, which ensures that only the users who have registered their fingerprints into the lock box may access its contents. The Portable Lock Box can also be accessed with traditional back-up keys.


• Stores Up To 20 Fingerprints
• Traditional Key Lock
• Interior Egg Crate Foam
• Biometric Fingerprint Scanner
• Steel Retaining Cable
• Tough Steel Construction
• Exterior Dimensions: 7.5in x 12.75in x 2in
• Interior Dimensions: 7in x 10in x 1.8in
• 0.472 Cubic Feet of Storage Space

The Portable Biometric Lock Box is a quick-access portable storage solution that offers on-the-go protection for your valuables. The primary access method utilizes an advanced biometric fingerprint scanner, which uses the unique fingerprint patterns in an authorized user’s fingerprint to grant access to the contents inside. The biometric database can store up to 20 unique fingerprints, which allows the user to grant access to multiple individuals or to scan multiple fingerprints in from the same user.


Condition New
Model Number CB12774
UPC 790272002702
Lock Type Biometric
Locking Sytem Automated Single Point Locking System
Lock Mechanism Motorized Lock
Access Method Top
Body Material Steel
Product Weight (lbs) 3.1 lbs
Battery Life 4 AA
Exterior Dimensions (in) 7.5in x 12.75in x 2in
Interior Dimensions (in) 7in x 10in x 1.8in
Warranty 1 Year Limited Warranty
Brand Barska
Thickness 1/32
Fingerprint Memory 20
Included Accessories Egg Crate Foam