Polimask 230/EF + VS Suitable for spray painting and agriculture Code 43360020

One size rubber respirator with one combined cartridge type 230 EF+VS A1 P1, organic gas and vapours, dust and fumes.
Suitable for spray painting and agriculture.
Complying with EN 140 and EN 14387.
Component materials are not likely to cause allergies or irritations.
Universal fit with excellent seal (leakage less than 0,05%).
Low breathing resistance (<1,2 mbar during inhalation, <2,0 mbar during exhalation, at a rate of 160 l/min).
Reduced dead space, well below the maximum allowed.
Good flame resistance and self extinguishing qualities.
Quick and easy donning and doffing.
Can be suspended from the neck, ready for use, with unfastened harness.
Longlasting, high resistance to ozone attacks; suitable for exposure to both low and high temperatures and unaffected by humidity.
Easy to maintain, clean and disinfect.
Compatible with glasses and goggles.
Weight: POLIMASK 230 approx. 160 g.

• Synthetic rubber facepiece with wide internal seal for a tight fit.
• Silicon rubber version is also available for better comfort and easy sanitizing.
• Bracket fastener with adjustable buckles for harness.
• Adjustable harness composed of two straps, the upper being divided at the back of head.



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