Polimask 100/2

Polimask 100/2
Compatible with the use of glasses and goggles Code 43361005

One size rubber half mask complying with EN 140 and therefore with the local European countries standards in the twin filter configuration.
The Polimask 100/2 is made for operation with two synthetic resin filters of the 200 series including:
• particulate filters class P2 and P3 Biostop. All class P3 Filters are provided with Biostop paper, blocking the growth of fungi and moulds on the filters themselves, if they are exposed to such agents, and making handling and disposal more hygienic. All other features remain unaltered.
• filters of class 1
• combined filters class 1-P3

• The component materials are not likely to cause allergies or irritations.
• Adaptable to any kind of face with a good sealing ability (approximately 0.5% leakage).
• Low breathing resistance (<1/0.6 mbar during inhalation <1.2/1.4 mbar during exhalation, at a rate of 160 l/min).
• Reduced dead space, far below permitted limits.



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