From the very start Oakley® has been committed to providing professional and everyday athletes around the world with solutions to support their performance passions and day-to-day activities. Designed with seal, filtration, fit and eyewear integration in mind, Oakley has launched Oakley MSK3, a mask designed to work seamlessly with eyewear and fit snugly on the wearer’s face. ​

MSK3 includes two filter options for filtration and breathability. The high-performance, disposable filter has over 95% filtration efficiency of particles down to size of 0.3 microns, while the additional reusable filter is designed for filtration protection against air pollutants and dust particles. Replacement high-performance filters and reusable filters are available for purchase.

• Eyewear channel – the medical-grade silicon gasket of nose area is designed to provide comfort and excellent fit with eyewear
• Adjustable nosebridge – aluminum bar embedded in silicone gasket for adjusting to a perfect fit
• Mask body – semi-rigid mask body helps add space to keep the mask filter off your face for better breathability
• Filtration – interior attachment area for disposable high-performance filter or reusable filter
• Adjustable straps – adjustable, elastic straps for a customized fit
• Perimeter gasket – the silicone gasket is designed to create a close seal
• Accessories – replacement high performance filter packs and reusable filter available for purchase
• Mask care – hand wash, do not bleach, drip dry in shade
• 43% Polyester/ 43% Melt-blown/ 14% Silicon