Mitraset Racklite Basic 19″ housing (45943 -45982)


Housing for electronic instruments

• Designed to hold electronic equipment in a 19″ grid in accordance with VG 95446
• Variable designs with different depths and heights.
• Comprehensive range of special fittings for many applications.
• Protection rating IP 65 in accordance with DIN EN 60529 and IEC 34-5/529 as a result of welded casing and lid with all-round seal.
• The anti-vibration frame is connected to the housing via 8 rubber dampers and 2 earth straps.
• Stackable using stacking knobs and recesses.
• Items with same nominal depth are stackable.
• ZARGES Comfort handles for ergonomic handling and loads of up to 50 kg.
• ZARGES Comfort fastener for ergonomic operation and an extremely long service life.
• Snap fasteners with protection against bursting open.
• RF-tight version is available as special equipment.