Mitraset Classic 19″ case (45702)

Basic information

Housing for electronic instruments

• The anti-vibration frame is connected to the shell by rails and rubber bearings. The material and type of bearings are selected according to the specific requirements in each case.
• Protection rating IP 65 in accordance with DIN EN 60529 and IEC 34-5/529 as a result of welded casing and lid with all-round seal.
• Base with stacking battens , sheet metal cover with indentations to facilitate stacking .
• All sizes (except NT610) can be stacked together.
• Stable frame profile with integrated floating mounts for fasteners.
• Sides with recessed sprung drop handles.
• All the sides and the lid are stiffened with moulded sections (except NT610).
• 8 rubber bearings with sliding rails to accommodate the anti-vibration frame.
• Lid with toggle-action snap fasteners.
• Variable designs with different depths and heights.
• Completely removable anti-vibration frame.
• Welded-in rear wall is an option for all casings.
• Shielding efficiency to MIL-STD-285
• Height of lid = 63mm. Height of special lid varies according to design.
• Designed to hold electronic equipment in a 19″ grid in accordance with VG 95446


• Additional sizes available on request. Height of casing with stacking foot = external dimension (nominal size) + 11.5mm. Depth of special lid varies according to design.
• Also available as UN-approved hazardous goods packaging.
• Comprehensive range of special fittings for many applications.

Code Number 45702