• Four High-Power CREE LED
• Up to 600 Lumens
• Operating time up to 24 hours
• Accurate LED-bar indicator for battery charge level and two power modes
• Robust IP-66/67 polyamide housing
• Special CRI-90+ LED version available
• Available also with emergency lighting function (EM)
Engineered with the thought and precision that has become synonymous with MICA, the IL-640 is the next generation in durable, high-powered hand lamps. The housing, specially designed to bear years of toughest use,
is ready to take hit after hit, and still bounce back. The tempered glass 5mm lens is nearly unbreakable and resistant to scratches and most chemicals. The MICA IL-640 emits a bright narrow beam for optimum visibility yet with fringe around the beam.
Despite an additional high-power CREE LED, the MICA IL-640 delivers the same great battery life as its 3 LED predecessor. Thanks to the ergonomic dual-mode switch, you can choose between long operating time and extreme light output.
When battery level is getting low, the beam starts to blink at 15 second intervals. The MICA IL-640 is compatible with MICA ILC4 charger that can recharge an empty IL-640 even in +40°C. The MICA IL-640 can also be ordered with special CRI-90+ LEDs
for better colour rendering.

Special filters: as square light beam, red, green, amber and clear diffuser lenses, adjustable stand. All IL lamps are supplied with carrying straps.
Main fields of use: all round lamp! Especially fire fighting, military, industrial emergency light, mining, construction sites, service & repair personnel, rescue and search, safety personnel.

Mica_IL-640 NiMH Technical data

Mica_IL-640 EM NiMH Technical data

Mica_IL-640 NiMH CRI Technical data