• 6–20 W halogen bulbs
• Operating time up to 12 hours for IL-60 NIMH
• Reflectors for wide / narrow beam
• Accurate Led-bar indicator for battery charge level
• Easy to service IP-66/67 polyamide housing
• Also available with emergency lighting function (EM)
The extremely robust IL-60 NIMH hand lamp is acknowledged as the leading product on the market in terms of durability, reliability and technology. Developed in conjunction with professional users around the world,
the system combines highly advanced electronics with practical design giving a “go anywhere” product that will not let you down when it is most needed.
The dual-power switch, the advanced charge state indicator and the wide variety of bulb powers mean that you can find the combination to suit all your needs.
Accessories: Infra-Red & UV-lenses, filters: square light beam, red, green, amber and clear diffuser lenses, adjustable stand.
Main fields of use: all around lamp! Especially fire fighting, military, industrial emergency light, mining, construction sites, service & repair personnel, rescue and search, IR & UV-light source, safety personnel.

Technical Data