MICA® CR-23/25

MICA® CR-23/25 Charging bank with step-voltage built-in (input 100-230V)
Output sockets for linking multiple racks to make a large charging station.
Robust coated steel construction. Pre-drilled holes with all screws included for easy installation
Mix and easily change chargers as needed.

The CR-23 can accommodate three ILC chargers or six MLC chargers, while larger CR-25 model can hold five ILC chargers or ten MLC.

Available models
MICA® CR-23-3ILC (shorter rack model with 3 x ILC Charger)
MICA® CR-25-5ILC (longer rack model with 5 x ILC Charger)
MICA® CR-23-6MLC (shorter rack model with 6 x MLC Charger)
MICA® CR-25-10MLC (longer rack model with 10 x MLC Charger)

Structure enables combinations of different charging models.
The end-user may later add/change chargers.