Mermaid E-110016

Mermaid Series- Electric

The MERMAID Series offer more powerful and cost efficient cleaning for professional users. It is used for the following:
• Removing thicker paint and rust on steel and concrete surfaces
• Removing thicker lime, scale deposits & marine growth
• Deck cleaning & cargo hold cleaning
• Dust free wet sand blasting (Optional accessories)

Features & Benefits:
• Solid galvanized & powder coated frame
• Non-corrosive material used in pumps and fittings
• Unique pump design quintuple (5) ceramic plungers ensuring smooth pulsation free flow (Mermaid E-500/30)
• Pump with triplex (3) solidcarbide plungers (Mermaid E-800/20 & E-1100/16)
• Stainless steel pump head
• Built in stainless unloader/safety valve
• Crankcase made of solid cast-iron ensuring stability and vibration dampening (Mermaid E-800/20 & E-11 00/16)
• Weather proof star/delta starter box
• Stainless steel valve casing (Mermaid E-800/20 & E-1100/16)
• Built in booster pump with independent electrical connection (Mermaid E-800/20 & E-1100/16)
• Powerful 40HP motor with overload relay, IPSS classification, class F insulation and continuous running duty
• Low water level cut off switch
• 25 micron filtration system (Mermaid E-800/20 & E-1100/16)
• SOL heavy duty water tank with filter and inlet float valve

Standard Accessories:
• Trigger gun+ shoulder rest with 1m stainless steel lance with straight jet nozzle (Mermaid E-500/30)
• Dump gun with 1m stainless steel lance with straight jet nozzle (Mermaid E-800/20 & E-11 00/16)
• Electrical cable, oil resistant- 15m
• High pressure hose 1/2″- 20m

Technical Data Sheet