“A logbook is a record of important events in the management, operation, and navigation of a ship.” 

  • Complete, accurate logbooks are required by law
  • Logbooks are checked during PSC inspections
  • Inaccurate logbooks can result in penalties, deficiencies, vessel arrests
  • Impacts the vessel operationally: vessel not sailing = company losing money

“Understanding the paper challenges” 

  • Missing, untidy, incorrect logbook entries
  • Incorrect entries are often due to simple mistakes
  • Complex – Rules and regulations are different for every type of logbook entry
  • Inefficient Process
  • Slow Data Distribution

“With our LogCentral innovative “Electronic Logbooks software” we are giving your business 24/7 visibility and awareness of vessel operations”

  • Clear user interface using latest technology
  • Making logbook data simple, accurate and intelligent
  • Reduces risk while maintaining compliance
  • Brings efficiencies to day to day operations
  • Increases productivity, saving resource throughout the business

“LogCentral Insights – online, real-time view of your fleet from anywhere” 

  • Single Source of Truth
  • See logbooks in real-time
  • Smart data – pinpoint entries geographically
  • Trends, contrasts & outliers – implement corrective measures
  • Save time – start audits remotely, maximize time onboard

“Mitigate against deficiencies” 

  • Prevent incorrect and missing entries
  • Smart logic guides users through the process
  • More efficient – Reduce logbook entry from 30 minutes down to 1 minute
  • Clear, intuitive interface
  • Compliant and Cyber secure