Portable Gas Freeing Fan

MODEL: KM300 , KM300F, KM400i

The KM series of gas freeing fan is fitted with a quality Gilkes UK 3.25 Francis Turbine water motor (flame Proof), Multi-Wings impeller Glass Reinforced polyamide(PAG) dynamically balanced, non-sparking, which is powerful and direct with high capacity to penetrate tank bottom, creating a jet of air to dispel various vapours or ventilating tanks.
When supplied with water under pressure, the water turbine provides an instrinsically safe flameproof drive with infinitely variable speed and the capability of immediate power braking.
In addition Gilkes turbine is able to operate indefinitely in stalled condition.
Designed as lightweight, portable, ultra efficient which is suitable for all range tankers.
Lightweight in structure, simple in design, ease of assembly, low maintenance, durability and this unit requires less down time.
In addition, the unit is highly resistance to adverse environment in its construction.
The fan is factory fitted with supply mode impeller as a standard equipment and it is capable of extracting mode by easily changing to another set of extract impeller(unless specified)
All models comes with unique serial number by GILKES UK for identifications purpose and parts are available worldwide or contact your nearest agent and KM KINLEY MARKETING is the only distributor for Gilbert Gilkes & Gordon for GILKES UK Water Motor in Singapore.
All the above fans meet the demands of various standard safety requirements and classification society for usage.
For instance, all KM gas freeing fans are further equipped with anti-static epoxy impregnated impeller and grounding cable for hazardous conditions to be connected to a metallic component of the deck.
ISGOTT Rules Chapter 9.3.2.j , Making all model intrinsically safe for hazardous environment.

Model KM300A or KM400A
Diameter 12’’ & 16’’
Max Air Pressure 7 – 7.5 BAR
Max Air Flow 8000 m3/hr – 13000 m3/hr
High Performance Air Motor 4 HP
Max RPM 300 – 3000 RPM
Air Inlet 1/2’’ , 3/4’’