Insect Remover

Mild cleaner for removing animal contamination.
(Code 823) – 10L

• Highly concentrated cleaner.
• The unique product composition ensures that insect remains and light oxidation are easily removed from motorcycles, mopeds, helmets and windshields.
• Can also be used as a pre-wash cleaner in car washes.
• Safe to use on aluminium, fibreglass, plastic and rubber surfaces.
• Cleans without streaks.

Dosage and Use
Depending on the contamination and surface, dilute 2%-5% (1:50 to 1:20).
Remove stubborn dirt by treating with undiluted cleaner.
Suitable for manual cleaning, foam cleaning and spray cleaning.
Preferably, give the product time to work in.
Then remove or spray with clean water.
Using hot water increases the cleaning power.