Hydrocleaning Gun With tripod No1


Cleaning Gun – Pneumatic & Water Powered

Compact, Lightweight, Powerful, Chemical treated


• Easy to operate, one man operation
• Effective cleaning -Rust residue, flanking paint, cargon residue and etc.
• Effective range up to 35 meters
• Lightweight alloy construction (Special treatment and expoxy coated for long product life cycle against corrosion)
• Adjustable control valve for variable power cleaning contro-control
• Selection of different stand :- Platform / Tripod
• No maintenance required
• Low recoil force.

*Water and air hose not included


Recommended Water Pressure 6Kg/cm (85 p.s.i.)
Recommended Air Pressure 7Kg/cm (100 p.s.i.)
Estimated Air Consumption 2m/min
Effective Range 35 M
Water Hose Size 2’’ I.D. (51mm)
Air Hose Size 1’’ I.D./ 3 / 4’’ I.D.
Water Hose Coupling 2’’ b.s.p – Instantaneous
(Standard Supply Connection Unless Specified)
Accessories Equipped with Foldable Tripod Stand
(Aluminium alloy) (Chemical & Epoxy Resin Coated Paint for Equipment)