PEL Waste Reduction Equipment’s range of waste glass bottle crushers reduce waste glass bottle volume by 80% or a factor of 5:1 – crushing waste glass bottles reduces the time staff spend managing the waste glass bottles, the storage area requirements for waste glass bottles and the overall costs of waste glass disposal.
The majority of glass cullet produced by the PEL Waste Reduction Equipment bottle crushers is of sufficient size to allow optical sorting meaning that it can be reprocessed back into new bottles.

PEL Waste Reduction Equipment offer a range of waste glass bottle crushers ideally suited for the hospitality industry or any business that produces waste glass bottles or other waste glass containers in the course of their daily business operations.
Crushing waste glass bottles or containers cuts staff time required to manage that waste glass, minimises storage space requirements, eliminates ‘bottle clinking’ noise pollution on collection and reduces the overall costs associated with waste glass disposal.

• Glass is 100% recyclable and can be recycled endlessly without loss in quality or purity.
• Over a ton of natural resources are saved for every ton of glass recycled
• Recycled glass is sought by the glass packaging industry as it requires less energy to process, and therefore is more cost effective than virgin glass
• Energy costs drop about 2-3% for every 10% cullet used in the manufacturing process
• One ton of carbon dioxide is reduced for every six tons of recycled container glass used in the manufacturing process
• Recycled glass cullet can be substituted for up to 95% of raw materials required to manufacture a fresh bottle
• An estimated 80 percent of recovered glass containers are made into new glass bottles
• A glass container can go from a recycling bin to a store shelf in as little as 30 days