Flat Fee

“Flat Fee All In One service”

Flat fee is a yearly subscription for AVCS, ADP and AENP, with the following terms and conditions in effect:

1.  All AVCS can be ordered only on ENCs cells (not Folios) for 3-month duration (where this is applicable).

2.  All AVCS/ADP/AENP orders must be in accordance to specific vessels’ route.

3.  Orders of AVCS, ADP & AENP irrelevant to specific route shall be reviewed and vessel will re-order.

4.  Each individual order of AVCS, ADP or AENP will be subject to below limitations:
a) AVCS maximum limit xxxUSD, per order
b) ADP maximum limit of xxxUSD per order
c) AENP maximum limit of xxxUSD, per order

5.  All orders from vessels shall be approved/processed by Vanos S.A. 24/7 support team.