Filter Cleaner & Carbon Remover

Powerful environmentally friendly industrial cleaner and degreaser.
(Code 817) – 20L

• Ideally suited for treating heavily contaminated machine parts, industrial machinery, tools, auto parts and all types of hard surfaces.
• Contamination is easily removed with little need for mechanical support.
• Safe for use on metal, plastic (PVC, ABS, PE, PU, acrylic) and rubber.
• Formulated on the basis of modern surfactants as an alternative to classical hydrocarbons.

Dosage and Use
Preferably, use undiluted or for slight soiling dilute 10%-50% (1:10-1:1).
Suitable for immersion cleaning, manual cleaning, rotary cleaning and spray rinse cleaning.
Preferably, give the product time to work in.
Using hot water increases the cleaning power.
The recommended contact time is about 5 minutes, depending on the degree of contamination.
Using the proper dosage protects the treated object against corrosion, pending further treatment and processing.