Digital Keypad Safe

The Barska Digital Keypad Safe lets you keep your valuables out of reach and secure. You can open the digital safe by simply entering your custom-created 4 digit combination on the keypad. It features an easy to read bright LED display, retains one four digit pin, and displays no show option when pin is entered. Faceplate can be removed to reveal a backup key lock in case of battery failure and lockout mode after 4 failed attempts.


• User-Created 4 Digit Combination
• Easy-to-Read Bright LED Display
• Retains One 4 Digit PIN
• Lockout Mode
• Outer Dimensions: 16.5in x 14.5in x 7.75in
• Inner Dimensions: 16.25in x 12in x 7in
• Weight: 26.5 lbs

Sure Safes offers a large selection of quick-access digital keypad safes for many applications. Digital keypad safes allow the user to quickly access the contents within by inputing a registered PIN code into the safe rather than fumbling with keys or combination locks. Digital keypads also allow multiple authorized users access to the safe without needing to duplicate or exchange keys. Sure Safes offers many kinds of digital keypad safes, including depository safes, top-opening drawer safes, and biometric keypad safes.


Condition New
Model Number AX11618
UPC 790272982516
Lock Type Keypad
Locking Sytem Motorized deadbolt lock
Lock Mechanism Motorized Deadbolts
Access Method Front
Body Material Steel
Product Weight (lbs) 26.5 lbs
Battery Life 4 AA
Exterior Dimensions (in) 16.5in x 14.5in x 7.75in
Interior Dimensions (in) 16.25in x 12in x 7in
Warranty One-Year Limited Warranty
Brand Barska
Thickness 1/16
Included Accessories Inner floor mat, emergency back-up keys, mounting hardware and batteries
Keycode Memory 1