DIABLO compressed air self-contained breathing apparatus is now available also in a new model designed for emergency situations when fast evacuation is required.
It complies with EN 137 Norm.
The C2000 balanced type pressure reducer (patented) is characterized by the active compensation of the pressure which, together with an accurate study of the internal geometry, has allowed to obtain a minimum resistance to the air flow with a consequent increase to the amount of air delivered.
The results is an exceptional response time, an extremely compact medium pressure cycle, smooth breathing and a total performance stability.
The C2000 pressure reducer allows a free air flow of over 1000 l/m (please remember that a user’s average air consumption is about 40 l/min. under average working conditions).
The C2000 pressure reducer is equipped with a high pressure connection to the pressure gauge and with a medium pressure connection to the demand valve and audible warning device.

• Harness made of synthetic, self- extinguishing, fibre with comfortable buckles.
• Balanced type pressure reducer C2000, made of chrome plated brass, including a safety valve, a warning device and a filter stopping particulate impurities.
• Photoluminescent pressure gauge covered by a rubber protective cap, connected to the pressure reducer.
• The E 400 AP/A demand valve is of the self-switching to positive pressure type. It keeps itself in a stand-by position until the moment of first breathing and then it switches automatically to positive pressure at the first breathing act.
• Maschera panoramica fonica C607 – SP/A o SFERA per sovrappressione
• The air cylinder is made of light alloy steel painted yellow and grey according to DIN 3171/5 and it is equipped with a valve according to DIN 477/5.
• Wide field of vision C607 SP/A or SFERA SP/A mask, designed to operate in positive pressure and equipped with a speech diaphragm.





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