DIABLO range is enriched by the ADVANCED apparatus which, besides introducing highly innovative elements, resumes in one single model all the best key features of the previous ones.
Based on the requirements of the latest revision of EN 137, DIABLO ADVANCED is certified and available in Type 1 version, for general use, and in Type 2 version, which positively passed the flashover test.
Such test based on a heat and flame exposure of the complete apparatus for 10 seconds at 900°, followed by a drop.
During and after the test the apparatus shall continue to work granting positive pressure inside the mask and being self extinguishing.

• The back pack consists of an anatomic plate made of self extinguishing synthetic resin, light and robust thanks to the fibre glass reinforcement.
• The body harness is a composite structure made of self extinguishing textile.
• The compensated C2000 pressure reducer (patented), uses an active compensation principle exploiting the closing thrust of the main valve which has been tested on over hundred thousand pieces produced.
• The chest pressure unit, connected only to a light and flexible high pressure hose, reinforced by aramidic fibre, includes, besides the APR(auxiliary pressure reducer), also the pressure gauge and the warning device. The APR is additionally protected from potential malfunctions by an ASV (auxiliary safety valve).
• The pressure gauge, placed on the left side of the user and hooked to the shoulder webbing, is extremely thin, of innovative design and extra light, though effectively protected by a rubber shell.
• The warning whistle is of the dual stage type, i.e. it is driven by the high pressure but actuated by medium pressure.
• E400 lung governed demand valve is of the first breath type i.e. it automatically switches from the stand-by mode (without any waist of air). In positive pressure mode it is able to deliver p to a respiratory demand in excess of 10 times the average air consumption needed during normal use and is characterized by a fast response and a smooth action.
• E 400 Demand valve is available both in the AP/A version, equipped with an M 45×3 standardized threaded connection to the mask, or in the ESA version equipped with a plug in system, also certified by the German Fire Fighters.
• C607 SP/A or SFERA SP/A positive pressure full face masks available in EPDM or SILICONE versions, with standard thread or plug in connector.





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