Valve cylinder.
Emergency Kit half mask.
Bag in synthetic resin housing.
Buzzer manually operated to call for help.
The cylinder valve is available both with conical threading for both steel cylinders with cylindrical thread for composite cylinders.
The handwheel is equipped with antichiusura crowds ring accidental and the terminal part of the handle is soft to absorb any shocks.
The valves are also available with built-in pressure gauge. Such a pressure gauge is also under pressure closed cylinder and allows immediate verification of the then state of charge of the suitability to be used.
The emergency kit includes a half-mask in EPDM half mask connected to a negative pressure dispenser and allows to bring relief to a person without a respirator.
Such equipment is kept in a padded fabric bag of red color that can fit into your belt.
In case of need the respirator is extracted and connected to the second user DIABLO in a simple and rapid.
For a convenient transportation breathing apparatus complete DIABLO mask and regulator, is provided a synthetic resin bag housing double shell for housing the self-protecting it from shock and vibration.
The second user can be installed a buzzer manually operated for rescue request.
This device uses a modest flow rate withdrawn from the medium pressure air and when it is activated by pressing a button produces a high intensity sound (approximately 130 db) able to recall also rescued from inside a building in which there is a strong ambient noise typical of fires.
It should be noted that given the intensity of the sound produced, may cause hearing damage should therefore be used only in cases of real danger.

• Valve cylinder
• Emergency Kit half mask
• Bag in synthetic resin housing
• Buzzer manually operated to call for help