Full face mask with a wide field of vision.

C 607 E EPDM Negative pressure version Code 43332034
C 607 E Silicone Negative pressure version Code 43332037
C 607 SP/A EPDM Positive pressure version Code 43333007
C 607 SP/A Silicone rubber Positive pressure version Code 43333008
C 607 SP/A ESA EPDM Equipped with a plug-in system for use with SCBA Code 43332028
C 607 SP/A ESA Silicone rubber Equipped with a plug-in system for use with SCBA Code 43332022

One size fits all faces.
Complies with EN 136 for positive pressure version.
A silicone rubber version is also available for better comfort and easier decontamination.
For use with dust, gas and combined filters with a threaded connector conforms to EN 148/1 and with air supply devices (even with thread EN 148/3).

• Synthetic rubber face piece with wide internal seal for a tight fit and adjustable fasteners for the attachment of the harness (patented).
• Wide field of vision and distorsion free visor made of polycarbonate, with fiberglass reinforced synthetic resin frame, easily replaceable.
• Inner mask with non return valves.
• Threaded connector conforming with European EN 148/1 standard, with speech diaphragm.
• Speech device encapsulated in the front position.
• Two exhalation valves with compensating prechambers.
• Five straps elastic harness made of rubber, with quick release buckles.
• Quick release buckles



Declaration of conformity


CE Certificate