Mask C 607 TWIN Face in EPDM Code 43330608

EPDM full face mask with a wide field of vision.
One size fits all.
Complies with EN 136.
For use with a couple of dust, gas or combined Sèkur filters Series 200.
Materials used are not likely to cause allergies or irritations to the wearer’s skin.
Good adaptability to most faces.
Leakage less than 0,05% corresponding to a protection factor of over 2000.
Wide field of vision, in excess of 72% of the natural field of vision and beyond 93% of the overlapped field of vision.
Excellent demisting system.
Breathing resistance (1,8 mbar during inhalation and 2,0 mbar during exhalation at a flow rate of 160 l/min) well below standard approval maximum limits.
Reduced dead space (less than 50% of maximum allowed).
Excellent voice transmission thanks to the frontal position of the speech diaphragm, which allows utilization of a telephone, walkytalky and public address device.
Good flame and radiant heat resistance: the mask is self extinguishing and maintains full protective capacity even after very severe test (approved according to DIN 58646/10).
Standard visor made of high impact resistance polycarbonate resistant to acids, even at high concentrations.
Optional: multilayer safety glass visor especially resistant to paints and solvents.
Quick and easy to don and doff. Long storage durability, high resistance to ozone.
Easy to maintain, clean and sanitize.
All components can be disassembled without special tools Compatible with the use of safety helmets.
Weight: approx. 580 g. The C607 TWIN can be fitted only with Sèkur filters Series 200



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