Do you feel tired sometimes, do you want a relaxing massage and a professional masseur is not at hand or too expensive? Treat yourself to your own oasis of peace through the SensaTouch Shiatsu massage device at home or in the office. It will provide you with the necessary relaxing care in the entire back area including the loin, shoulders and neck, including the possibility of heating. The moving mechanism faithfully copies the movements of the fingers and the hands of the masseur. Simply attach the massage pad to a regular chair, plug it in and start relaxing.

Key features

• Sensatouch – Our smoothest massage yet
• 3D massage experience – combines Shiatsu and Vibration massage with
soothing heat
• Unique back & neck massage system -10 settings for your upper or lower
back, entire back and neck
• Soothing heat comforts your tired muscles
• Programmed controller for added comfort and ease of use
• Easy storage – includes hanging strap

Based on Japanese massage techniques

The massage pad is based on the traditional Japanese massage technique Shiatsu, which is the essence of the finger pressure. Shiatsu focuses on acupuncture paths and points to restore the natural flow of energy in the body. Such a massage brings relaxation from today’s ever-present stress and tension. Using a rotating mechanism, you can indulge in Shiatsu massage not only in the lumbar, thoracic or cervical area but also in the entire back. Massage heads are able to move along the spine and imitate the pressure with the palms.

Heat your aching back

You also use the remote control to set the heating function. During the massage, the muscles become even warmer and the tension in them is relaxed. Heat also helps with back pain and rheumatic problems. Indulge in deep regeneration every day.

Additional information

Power supply:
220 V mains

37 x 39 cm seating
75 cm seat height

Guarantee: 2 years