Bleach Cleaner

Powerful foam strengthening liquid cleaner based on sodium hypochlorite.
(Code 847) – 10L | 20L

• Particularly suitable for removing fat, protein soiling, protein and mineral deposits.
• Fast and effective cleaning of ships’ holds, surfaces, equipment, storage tanks and areas where food is processed.
• Adheres well to smooth surfaces.

Dosage and Use
Depending on the contamination and surface, dilute 2%-5% (1:50 to 1:20).
Suitable for manual cleaning, foam cleaning and spray cleaning.
Preferably, allow the product to work in at least 10 minutes before use.
Then remove or spray with clean water.
Preferably, keep to a water temperature of approximately 60°C.
Make sure that, especially near hot surfaces, the cleaning does not dry up.
Keeps up to 9 months after date of manufacture.