BB017 ‘Mega Jaws’ Waste Glass Bottle Crusher

The BB17 ‘Jaws’ is a high capacity glass bottle crusher or glass breaker which can crush up to 4000 bottles per hour with the waste glass going into a large 660 litre container located in the base of the machine.
The machine is typically located ‘back-of-house and is designed to save hospitality businesses on their overall costs of waste glass disposal.

Customer Benefits
The crushed glass or cullet produced by the BB17 bottle crusher is collected in a 660 litre bin which will hold approximately 3000 bottles equivalent of crushed glass.
The machine is suitable for use where there are very large quantities of waste glass bottles being produced i.e. at events etc.
Multiple bottles can be fed to the BB17 simultaneously – the crushed glass or cullet produced is reprocessable in to new bottles.
The BB17 Glass bottle crusher is an example of a bespoke machine produced to meet a certain customer demand – please contact us to discuss your requirements should you require a special purpose waste glass bottle crusher built to a special specification.
Customer Benefits of the BB17:

Reduces Labour and Disposal Costs
The BB017 reduces labour costs associated with managing waste glass bottles, the frequency of collections and overall waste glass disposal costs for your business.

Saves Space
The BB017 reduces was glass bottle volume by 80% and dramatically reduces space required for storage of waste glass prior to collection.

High Capacity
The BB17 ‘Jaws’ bottle breaker will crush up to 4000 waste glass bottles per hour, reducing the time and costs associated with managing waste glass bottles.

‘Plug & Play’ Installation
The BB17 requires a 220V/50Hz mains electricity supply and once connected will be ready to start saving money on glass disposal costs immediately.

Reduces Noise Pollution
Glass in crushed format eliminates the ‘Glass Clinking’ noise pollution associated with tipping glass bottles into a collection truck

Crushed Glass is 100% Recyclable
The crushed glass produced by the BB17 is 100% reprocessable into new bottles saving on C02 emissions associated with production of glass bottles