Automatic Supply

This service assists Mariners in keeping the Charts & Publications up to date at the bare minimum cost, by taking all the necessary precautions to avoid the needless Chart & Publication supplying, in complex with the minimum delivery cost.This service is customized to meet every vessel’s need and is complimentary offered.

Charts & Publications are grouped in 30 folios (areas) and it is at the customer’s assessment to clarify the folios, which are in need of being updated. The folios that you wish to follow up are the ‘active’ ones and the remaining, are the ‘sleeping’ ones. All ‘active’ items on board shall be regularly informed, depending on the customer’s request of a weekly, every 2 weeks time or at each month’s notice. There is always the option of exclude of the non-required items. Moreover, a notice for all the cancelled items, which must be removed from the vessel’s library, will be sent to you on a monthly basis. The items shall be packaged and ready for dispatching to any designated destination. When the vessel is about to enter different folios from the ones designated, we activate the relative areas accordingly, from the remaining ‘sleeping’ ones and inform you which of your Charts & Publications are still up to date and what you will need for the new areas.