ATEX Cable Reel
Zones: 1 and 2

Product Overview
The Wolf ATEX Cable reel is CE marked to the 2014/34/EU ATEX Equipment Directive for safe use in Zone 1 (Cat 2) IIC, where a T6 temperature class permits.
Operating from 230V or 110V, the cable reel allows for a number of different lighting solutions to suit many scenarios.
Using various configurations of the Wolf LinkEx™ LED Temporary Luminaire, Wolf LinkEx™ LED Floodlite and other cable powered products from the temporary lighting range, the cable reel enables a bespoke set up of task and ambient lighting.
The cable reel facilitates chains of lighting in different areas to be linked together and extended from one central point, allowing for a greater surface area to be illuminated quickly and easily.
An added benefit of the cable reel is the ability to power ancillary equipment alongside lighting for maintenance type tasks offering a fully flexible solution.
Built to the same high standards as the Wolf Safety transformers, the cable reel is robust and compact ensuring that it can withstand the harshest of environments and is always ready for use.

Features & Benefits
• ATEX Approved for Zone 1 explosive Gas atmospheres
• Compact and solid hard rubber reel body with flat steel frame
• Internal brake which does not produce friction on reel body
• Fitted with ATX and CEAG plugs and sockets with 30m HOFR cable
• 110V or 230V Input Voltage available
• Facilitates maintenance tasks
• Alternative voltage, plugs and sockets available on request
• Fully compatible with Wolf Safety’s Temporary Lighting Solutions

Technical Specification
• Product Reference LL-300
• Product Description ATEX Cable Reel
• Code II 2 G Ex de IIC* T6
• Type of Protection “e” increased safety “d” flameproof
• Classification (Gas) Zones 1 & 2 Gas Groups IIA, IIB IIC*
• Temperature Class (Gas) T6
• Ambient Temperature -20°C to +40°C
• Certificate PTB03ATEX1186
• Model Number:
LL-300/ 110/ATX
LL-300/ 230/ATX
LL-300/ 110/CEAG
LL-300/ 230/CEAG
• Voltage and Sockets/Plugs 110V 230V 110V 230V
• Input Cable 30m HOFR cable 2.5mm2
• Size 412mm x 314mm x 319mm (Height x Width x Length)
• Weight 11.9Kg (with 30m cable)
• 12Kg (with 30m cable)
• Ingress Protection IP54
• Power Rating 110V 450W (wound) / 1700W (unwound)
230V 1000W (wound) / 3600W (unwound)



ATEX Certificate