Anti-scuffing and assembly paste


MOLYSLIP® AS40 anti-scuffing and assembly paste is a high-performance lubricant containing molybdenum disulphide (MoS2) and graphite, formed into a soft paste.

MOLYSLIP® AS40 is designed for use in situations where a hydrodynamic oil film cannot be tolerated or is impossible to achieve – for example during component assembly, machine start-up and high load/slow speed operations. The high load carrying capacity of the MoS2 and graphite solids (in excess of 140,000 psi which is above the yield point of most metals) provides an ultra-low-friction physical barrier between metal surfaces preventing micro-welding or pick-up that can irrevocably damage components from occurring.

MOLYSLIP® AS40 is suitable for multiple uses including: as an anti-seize on fasteners, an assembly aide, a lubricant on sliding mechanisms, plain bearings, pins, bushes and valves and as start-up or run-dry protection on gears.


• Ensures bedding in without scuffing or scoring
• Reduces wear and cuts costs
• Protects against rust and corrosion
• Eases assembly of tight tolerance components
• Withstands extreme loads


MOLYSLIP® AS40 should be used as supplied. Ensure surfaces to be treated are clean and dry and free from oil, grease or dirt contamination. Apply a thin even coating by rubbing onto the surface with a lint free cloth. For applications where a near dry film is required burnish with a lint free cloth until a shiny silver/grey surface is formed.


500g tin and 5kg pail


Property/ Result
Consistency /NLGI 1
Particle size
Molybdenum disulphide:
0.5 to 5.0 microns
1.0 to 8.0 microns
Flash point (IP34) />200°C
Effective temperature range/ -100°C up to +550°C
Solidification point (of the base fluid) /-20°C
Coefficient of friction (steel on steel, steady state)/ 0.08

When a compound is applied to a threaded fastener that will be tightened to a specific torque setting, the torque setting will require adjustment to allow for the lubricating effect of the compound. Failure to do so can result in incorrect tension in the fastener.

Correct torque settings can be calculated using the tables and charts below and the standard thread equation:


T = Torque (N.m), D = Diameter (m), P = Clamping force (N), K = Nut factor

Material/ K Nut factor
8.8 Steel self coloured /0.08
8.8 Steel BZP /0.08
8.8 Steel Hot dip galvanised /0.11
A2 Stainless steel /0.10
Brass /0.11


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