Extreme performance, multi-purpose bearing grease


Molyslip® ARVINA MX2 is a mineral oil-based, calcium sulphonate complex thickened grease, designed to lubricate bearings operating in a variety of extreme conditions. The high-load carrying capability and excellent anti-corrosion properties mean that ARVINA MX2 functions effectively where conventional greases would fail.

The calcium sulphonate complex thickener of ARVINA MX2 inherently possesses outstanding resistance to water ingress – the mechanical stability of the grease is largely unaffected by water contamination and bearings are effectively protected from corrosion. Load carrying is provided by sub-micron solids which minimise metal to metal contact eliminating friction and wear.

ARVINA MX2 is suitable for use in ball and roller bearings operating in a wide variety of conditions – high temperature applications up to 140°C, high-load situations and extreme levels of water ingress. ARVINA MX2 is an excellent choice for rationalisation of multiple greases into one product across a site.


• High temperature capability up to 140°C
• Excellent load carrying and anti-wear properties
• Highly effective protection against corrosion
• Outstanding resistance to water wash-off


Molyslip® ARVINA MX2 can be applied manually, via a standard grease gun or via a central lubricating system capable of pumping an NLGI 2 grease.

As with all greases used for the first time, check compatibility with the grease used previously and if necessary purge bearings prior to application.


400g cartridge, 4.5kg and 18kg pail


Property /Test method /Result
Appearance /- /Smooth brown grease
Worked penetration/ IP50/ 265-295
NLGI classification/- /2
Drop point/IP132 />280°C
Corrosion resistance (EMCOR) /IP220/ 0:0
4-ball weld load /IP239 /500kg
Oil separation/ IP121/ 1%
Base oil viscosity/ IP71/ 290 cSt
Operating temperature range/ -/-30°C to +140°C


Store Molyslip® ARVINA MX2 out of direct sunlight. Storage temperature should be controlled to between 5°C and 35°C.

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