47000 Aluminium shaft covers with cover trough

Basic information

Shaft covers that can be walked or driven on, with customisable inner and outer surface.

• Compliant with DIN EN 124 in conjunction with DIN 1229.
• Tapering section design, therefore easy to open. No sticking.
• Easy to open, no jamming.
• EPDM seal (petrol-resistant seal available on request).
• Odour-tight and impervious to surface water.
• Load with choice of surface: test force 125 kN (=12.5 t), only after cover trough has been filled by customer with B 45 concrete (grain 0-8).
• Incl. lift-out handles (pair) made from stainless steel, comprising one self-lifting opening handle and one lift-out handle.


Order number
Ext. length (mm)
Ext. width (mm)
Material, cover
Material, frame
Design height (mm)
Trough depth (mm)
Inside shaft size (mm)
47000 440 440 Aluminium Aluminium 80 60 300, 300