ABSO-PRO® Universal

ABSO-PRO® Universal

What is ABSO-PRO® Universal

  •  is an all-natural product.
  •  is a granular, inert absorbent made of attapulgite clay.
  •  is capable of absorbing and binding a wide range of odours and liquids, including oils and acids.
  •  is non-flammable.
  •  is easily stored and applied.
  •  is highly efficient, even on irregular surfaces.
  •  is easily recovered after use by simple sweeping.
  •  is proven to offer safe, effective performance at home and outdoors without impacting the environment.

ABSO-PRO® Universal – Instructions for Use

1. Pour ABSO-PRO® Universal around the spill in order to control the spreading, then pour over central area of spill.
2. Sweep ABSO-PRO® Universal back and forth over the spill area to completely soak up liquid. Add more ABSO-PRO® Universal if necessary.

ABSO-PRO® Universal – Uses

    • Absorb motor oil, lubricant and battery fluid spills from different surfaces.
    • Absorb cooking oil and other liquid spills in the kitchen.
    • Absorb and neutralise acid spills.
    • Absorb odours and liquids at the bottom of trash cans.
    • Absorb grease drippings at the bottom of cooking grills.
    • Improve water retention of potting soils.
    • Improve traction on icy surfaces.
    • ABSO-PRO® Universal is the intelligent solution to common everyday spill accidents, therefore it can be used in a number of other cases where fast and easy absorption of odours and liquids from surfaces is requested.