ABSO-PRO® L16 is a premium, all-purpose absorbent with hard, non-slaking granules, made from calcined attapulgite clay

Functional use
Dust-free, slip-resistant and non-flammable qualities suit intensive applications for routine or emergency use in the workplace.

Packaging details: One plastic bag, weight: 20kgs, dims: 60x42x10cm

General Characteristics

  • A natural product ideal for ship and shipyard usage.
  • Industry adsorbs and retains liquids and odours.
  • Remains granular throughout the application improving traction on all surfaces.
  • Inert and non-flammable.
  • Absorbs a wide range of liquids, including oils and acids.
  • Does not attract insects and rodents.
  • Requires less storage space due to high absorption to volume ratio.
  • Effective on ship decks even under windy conditions.
  • Easily applied and recovered after use by simple sweeping.
  • Highly efficient even on irregular surfaces.
  • Low dust content.
  • Offers safe, effective performance in the workplace without impacting the environment.

VANOS S.A. is the exclusive dealer and distributor of ABSO-PRO® L16 in Greece.