80277449 OxyJet Water Flosser

The OxyJet irrigator mixes air and water, then pressurizes it to form millions of micro-bubbles designed to attack plaque bacteria.

– Helps you brush for two minutes.
– Can be used for site specific oral medicament delivery.
– Ideal for: Bridges, implants & fixed orthodic appliances.

• Compressed air and water along fine micro form air bubbles, damage the plaque bacteria.& # 160;
• The spiral water jets with micro air bubbles gently massage the gums. The water pressure can be adjusted and from level 1 (LP) to into step: 5 (high pressure) sized to fit them.
• Using the nozzle switch can choose it simply with a fingertip all between the rotating and straight radiate.
• The specially developed air filter cleans the air which stream of water on the way to the nozzle end angereichert.
• This pack includes: A Oxyjet cleaning system, four Oxyjet clip-on pieces