5.11® Flex Single Pistol Mag Pouch

56426 Flex Single Pistol Mag Pouch | BLACK (019), KANGAROO (134), RANGER GREEN (186)

With optimal Flex-HT™ Mounting System, the Flex Single Pistol Mag Pouch easily attaches to all platforms. And with a concealed PC retention insert, you can secure your mag without a cover or bungee for quick access.

4.5″H x 1.75″W x 1.125″D

• Minimalistic, low profile and lightweight pouch holds one pistol mag
• Double retention system with high strength / impact insert and elastic band
• No cover or bungee system required to retain the mag
• Webbing guard runs from the top front of the pouch to the bottom (internal)
• Concealed insert allows for smooth operation and keeps the top of pouch open for easy insertion
• Elastic band compresses the pouch for a low profile
• Flex-HT™ 1/2″ webbing ladder for more weaving opportunities
• Flex-HT™ 3/4″ TPU coated webbing for flexibility on all weaving platforms
• Webbing pull tab for quick release of Flex-HT™ straps
• Flex Hook Adaptor converts the pouch to a hook/loop attachment (1 included)
• Drain hole on bottom panel
• Double layer water-resistant 500D Nylon