5.11® EDT Multitool

56450 EDT Multitool | Black 019, Kangaroo 134

Because carrying a bottle opener, pry tool, wire stripper, hex wrench, screw driver and rulers – even in our roomiest cargo pants – isn’t ideal, 5.11 presents the EDT Multitool. Constructed with super-strong stainless steel, it’s 10 tools built into one, compact piece. And it travels safely and securely in the kydex sheath with a carabiner to clip to your belt loop or pack. Go nowhere without it.

• DIMS: 72mm x 20mm
• Stainless steel multitool with sheath & carabiner
• Standard 6mm hex wrench & flat head screw driver
• Bottle opener, pry tool & wire stripper
• Metric & Imperial ruler
• Pry tool and bottle opener
• Stainless steel
• Kydex sheath
• Imported