47065 Stainless-steel shaft covers with cover trough

Basic information

Shaft covers that can be walked or driven on, with customisable inner and outer surface.

• Compliant with DIN EN 124 in conjunction with DIN 1229.
• Tapering section design, therefore easy to open. No sticking.
• Easy to open, no jamming.
• EPDM seal (petrol-resistant seal available on request).
• Odour-tight and impervious to surface water.
• Load with choice of surface: test force 125 kN (=12.5 t), only after cover trough has been filled by customer with B 45 concrete (grain 0-8).
• Incl. lift-out handles (pair) made from stainless steel, comprising one self-lifting opening handle and one lift-out handle.


Order number
Ext. length (mm)
Ext. width (mm)
Design height (mm)
Trough depth (mm)
Inside shaft size (mm)
47065 755 755 90 80 635, 635