42382 Multitec M work.height 5,50m Σκάλα Αλουμινίου Πολλαπλών Χρήσεων

Basic information

Versatile ladder with up to four functions which folds to extremely small dimensions for transport.

• Can be used as a single ladder, a stepladder with double-sided access or as a practical work platform.
• External width of ladder body: 350 mm.
• Order Nos. 42381 – 42383 are equipped with two horizontal stabiliser bars, Order No. 42384 with one horizontal stabiliser bar.
• Replaceable 2-component plastic end caps ensure secure positioning without the risk of slipping.


Order number
Length as stepladder (m)
Length as lean-to ladder (m)
Height as work platform (m)
Working height (m)
Dimensions, folded (m)
Stile depth (mm)
Number of rungs
Weight (kg)
Overall base width (m)
42382 2.41 4.74 0.99 5.50 1.50, 0.90, 0.26 61 2 × 3 + 2 × 5 15.5 0.90